What is Takaful

We come across with many of customer which could not differentiate between Takaful
Insurance & the Conventional one. Some also thought Takaful is the insurance operator.

Takaful itself mean 'guarenteeing each other' between the operator and the participant.
Drafted based on Islamic Shariah concept. the different between takaful & convetional
are how the fund are managed and also how the risk assessed and handled.

Dont get too deep into it, we are not taking any exam here. Try to put this way. Takaful
is just like Maybank Islamic Berhad and Convetional is just like Maybank Berhad. Etiqa
also has its convetional insurance section i.e Etiqa Insurance  while what we managed
here is Etiqa Takaful.

Among Takaful operator is Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad, Takaful Ikhlas, Prudential
Takaful, MAA Takaful and many more. While convetional insurance operator such Lonpac,
MAA Assurance,BGI,Berjaya Sompo and others.

As we mentioned before, the different between both takaful & convetional is how the fund
is managed. We can assumed that certain conventional will managed the fund depending
what its parent company core business. Agree or not, we obliged to avoid certain things in life
because we have the option to do so. No matter how small our contribution, its will be
accounted for. As business entity, we would not advise not to take that insurance or
this insurance from that company or this company because of this and that.

FYI, Etiqa Takaful has bagged five major award in Malaysia Takaful Association Industry
Award 2011 recently included the most coveted one 'Best Group Business Operator Award'.
In short, Etiqa has been regarded as the best in this industry while our agency has been
regards as one of IdealPartner Group with Etiqa.


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