MyEG- The Good , The Bad & The Ugly

MyEG Services Berhad is a concessionaire for the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Application.

The GOOD is we can buy road tax online with the absent of Registration Card.What you need is buy the insurance, get online ID, pay using your online bank account or credit card and thats all.

 ,The BAD is they charge you between RM8.75 to RM20.00 per delivery depending to your location and choice of delivery either normal or express. Its still a better choice rather than to drive yourself to Post Office or to bank to get it done.

and The UGLY is the registration card which before has been regards as collateral by bank or finance company to collect the outstanding or arrear ahead of road tax expiry date is no longer deemed so. Today nothing much they can do as the road tax can be done without the registration card which kept by Hire Purchase Dept

here is the sample package by MyEG

Its easy right..but what make the different are the insurance itself. You need a reliable agent to advise on sum insured or other perils and to be reach when you in need. And here we provide better..FREE road tax delivery plus FREE advise on insurance & claims afterwards. Nothing bad or ugly about ours but just the GOOD of it.


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