How to Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium

We have come across with question that many of us didnt really know how to calculate
the insurance premium esspecially for Car Insurance.

Basic Coverage Premium Calculation
Coverage Type Comprehensive
Engine Capacity (C.C.)
Sum Insured (RM)
Basic Coverage Sub Total RM
No Claim Discount (NCD)
Basic Coverage Sub Total Less NCD RM
Additional Coverage
Windscreen (RM)
Radio/Accessories (RM)
Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
Legal Liability to Passenger
Legal Liability of Passengers
Additional Drivers
(excluding 1st driver)
Alternative Transportation Coverage
Additional Coverage Subtotal RM
Stamp Duty RM  10.00
Total Premium RM

Here we go..the very first step, get your previous insurance policy copy or your registration card in
hand.Fill up the engine capacity which stated in your document, then estimate your car value ( if you
not sure just deduct 10% from previous year sum insured).While the exact sum insured can be verified
by sms us at 012 525 1160.

Then fill up your NCD value. If previous are 25% then on next is 30%,then 38.33% then 45%
and the maximum are 55%. You may also can opt to insured your windscreen. Its not easy to
determine the market value for some car model but its between RM450.00 to RM4,500.00.
either local made or original manufactured. No idea at all..sms us for free advise.

That the basic computation for car insurance, we may opt to get more details premium calculator
but the basic is always the same.So now we know what will determine the amount of premium..
good luck


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