What is Takaful

We come across with many of customer which could not differentiate between Takaful
Insurance & the Conventional one. Some also thought Takaful is the insurance operator.

Takaful itself mean 'guarenteeing each other' between the operator and the participant.
Drafted based on Islamic Shariah concept. the different between takaful & convetional
are how the fund are managed and also how the risk assessed and handled.

Dont get too deep into it, we are not taking any exam here. Try to put this way. Takaful
is just like Maybank Islamic Berhad and Convetional is just like Maybank Berhad. Etiqa
also has its convetional insurance section i.e Etiqa Insurance  while what we managed
here is Etiqa Takaful.

Among Takaful operator is Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad, Takaful Ikhlas, Prudential
Takaful, MAA Takaful and many more. While convetional insurance operator such Lonpac,
MAA Assurance,BGI,Berjaya Sompo and others.

As we mentioned before, the different between both takaful & convetional is how the fund
is managed. We can assumed that certain conventional will managed the fund depending
what its parent company core business. Agree or not, we obliged to avoid certain things in life
because we have the option to do so. No matter how small our contribution, its will be
accounted for. As business entity, we would not advise not to take that insurance or
this insurance from that company or this company because of this and that.

FYI, Etiqa Takaful has bagged five major award in Malaysia Takaful Association Industry
Award 2011 recently included the most coveted one 'Best Group Business Operator Award'.
In short, Etiqa has been regarded as the best in this industry while our agency has been
regards as one of IdealPartner Group with Etiqa.


Spot The Different: Loading Imposed

Q:What is loading and when will insurance companies apply loading?
A:Loading is an additional surcharge imposed on the basic premium rate. Factors that may affect the risk
where loading can be imposed are but not limited to age of vehicle, the driver's driving experience and
adverse claims experience.

Good Day.....we have been deeply involved in this business sometimes ago yet also
we wonder why premium from Etiqa is significantly lower than other convetional
insurer. No joke..we never been an agent rather than with Takaful Insurer.

So recently we come across with an astounding discovery to this question. See the
real example (both in our system)

Vehicle No. WUA9486
Period of Cover 22/06/2011 to 21/06/2012
Cover Note Status CANCELLED
Agent Code / User ID ML00916 / ML00916-01
Agent Name Serasi Link

Insured Type Individual
Date Of Birth 18/08/1989
Driver's Age 21
Gender MALE
Nationality MALAYSIAN
Marital Status SINGLE
Race Malay
Model 31*4503
Description PROTON PERSONA 1.6 AT
Capacity 1597.00 CC
Seating Capacity 5
Year Make 2010
Engine No. S4PHQN0634
Chassis No. PL1CM6SRRAG279342
Log Book No. 9588225
Sum Insured (RM) 45000
Basic Premium (RM) 1395.5
Total Basic Premium (RM) 1395.5
Vehicle's Age Loading (%) 0
Insured's Age Loading (%) 15
Claim Experience Loading (%) 0
Loading (%) 15
NCD From Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad
NCD Effective Date 22/06/2011
NCD Percentage (%) 25
Total Extra Coverage (RM) 82.5
Gross Premium (RM) 1286.12
Total Payable (RM) 1296.12

So above covernote were cancelled because it was a bit expensive compare to below
effected covernote from Etiqa. We can concluded on something here,some insurer
imposed certain loading on driver's age and the vehicle's age. So in future,its
advisable to ask your agent/insurer whether any loading imposed in your cover note...
and you may save some money.

See it yourself

West Malaysia 
Type of License
Normal Vehicle 
Private Use 
Vehicle Model
Persona 1.6AT H-Line 
Other Vehicle
Vehicle Capacity
Number of Seats
Number of Passengers
Year of Manufacture
New Vehicle
Vehicle No.
Chassis No.
Engine No.
Number of Claims
Log Book No
Private Car 
Vehicle Class Usage
Private Use(Drive to Work / Daily use) 
Certificate of Insurance
MX1 - Private Car - Participant Driving 
Carrying Goods
Purchase Price
Parking Lot - Covered 
Safety Feature
Anti Theft Device
CODE 3 -- Factory Fitted Alarm 
Loading A
Terminal Code
Sum Insured
NCD Status
NCD Verification Status
NCD Level
NCD Entitlement
Effective Date
Driving License
Full License 
Company Registration No

Cover Type Information

Cover Type Information
Sum Insured


Car Insurance-What is the benefit when insured With Etiqa

+24 hours roadside repairs
+24 hours towing service (50 km exc. toll)
+Onward Journey Assist- 1) taxi 2) Car rental 3) Hotel Accomodation (RM400)

+Accident-chosen workshop
+Emergency Medical Assistant
+Singapore & Thailand Assistance- 1)24 hours towing service 2) Repatriation to Malaysia
+friend & Family Assistance

+up to RM2,000.00 legal cost incurred caused by your car

If so happen you purchase it with us get additional
Instant rebate 2.5 %
FREE doorstep roadtax delivery
Assistance on optimal premium payable
Assistance on claims,best workshop,police report,JPJ or Puspakom
Assistance on any class of insurance with other insurer

Circular-Instant Rebate for All


No Big Deal, It's Just Our Policy & Integrity

Begitulah seadanya

As usual, we had a customer today came to renew the insurance. This is what were happen.

Me          : Hi, Kak..nak buat insurans apa kak?
Kak Siti   : Ni haa kak nak renew insurans kete akak, esok expired.
Me          : Boleh kak, bak geran atau copy insuran lama nak tengok.

dia pun kasi la, geran.lepas tu my staff pun key in data, macam biasa kami ikut harga kami
dan tanpa tanya customer . Lepas lebih kurang beberapa minit, kami tanya.

Me        : kak, nak tambah windscreen tak?
kak siti   : Boleh la.berapa total, akak ada cash 1,200 je.
Me        : Jap jap kak, nak calculate jap.Kak..total 754.05
Kak Siti : Biar betul , tadi akak dapat quotation, ni ha 1,100 lebih, berapa cover tu.
Me        : sum insured kete 35,000.00, cermin tu 700 so total jadi 754
kak Siti  ; kete akak 35 ribu je ke, agen tadi kata insured 42 ribu, cermin 1,200..macam
                mana tu!!
Me        : camni kak, market value citra dalam sistem cuma 34 ribu, untuk citra, 700 dah
               boleh cermin tu kalau pecah, saya dulu buat tukar cermin ni, camry pun baru 900
               ni kan citra.
kak siti   : ok hal cermin tu,habis kalau total loss, kurang la kak dapat
Me         : kak kalau total loss, insuran bayar harga market dlm 33k hingga 35k je, so buat
              apa bayar lebih premium.
kak siti   : laa..akak tak tau hal ni..terima kasih la banyak2.
Me        : Duit lebih boleh renew roadtax, nak buat road tax kat sini pun boleh esok sampai,
               kalau nak ke pejabat pos, depan tu je ,pukul lima dia tutup, kat gombak pukul 6
               ye kak.
kak siti   : buat sendiri je lah..esok husband akak nak pakai pagi2. terima kasih la banyak2..
               tak sangka boleh murah macam ni..kalau tau banyak ni, minggu lepas lagi saya
               renew he he.
Me        : kak, insuran buat kat mana2 pun sama sebenarnya, ikut tariff, yang berbeza
               kak beli dengan siapa, kalau claim macam mana..nak kol siapa, kat sini..beli
               insurans kat sini, buat roadtax pun boleh, kalau hal eksiden pun kol sini, kita
              bantu sampai kalau lupa buat polis repot lebih 24jam pun kita boleh kawtim ye
              kak. Ada satu customer tu mabuk pastu eksiden, memang tak boleh claim, tapi
              kita bantu sampai dia dapat full amount total loss 86 ribu toyota Hilux tahun

Her Quotation

Our Policy


MyEG- The Good , The Bad & The Ugly

MyEG Services Berhad is a concessionaire for the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Application.

The GOOD is we can buy road tax online with the absent of Registration Card.What you need is buy the insurance, get online ID, pay using your online bank account or credit card and thats all.

 ,The BAD is they charge you between RM8.75 to RM20.00 per delivery depending to your location and choice of delivery either normal or express. Its still a better choice rather than to drive yourself to Post Office or to bank to get it done.

and The UGLY is the registration card which before has been regards as collateral by bank or finance company to collect the outstanding or arrear ahead of road tax expiry date is no longer deemed so. Today nothing much they can do as the road tax can be done without the registration card which kept by Hire Purchase Dept

here is the sample package by MyEG

Its easy right..but what make the different are the insurance itself. You need a reliable agent to advise on sum insured or other perils and to be reach when you in need. And here we provide better..FREE road tax delivery plus FREE advise on insurance & claims afterwards. Nothing bad or ugly about ours but just the GOOD of it.


Pusat Sehenti Insurans Anda

Kami sebuah Pusat Sehenti Insurans yang yang di lantik oleh Etiqa Takaful Berhad (ETB) 
untuk menjual dan menyediakan khidmat sehenti kepada pelanggan baru dan sedia ada.
Antara produk-produk yang ditawarkan termasuklah Insurans Kenderaan,Insurans Kebakaran, Insurans Nyawa ,Insurans Hospital & Pembedahan,Insurans Kemalangan Diri dan sebagainya untuk individu dan korporat

Konsep Pusat Sehenti yang telah ditetapkan oleh Pihak ETB,kami bertanggungjawab untuk menerima sebarang aduan berkaitan dengan produk takaful dan juga menerima bayaran bagi pembaharuan polisi yang sedia ada.kami juga bertanggungjawab menerima sebarang aduan tuntutan beserta membantu untuk mendapatkan tuntutan yang sedia ada.

Antara konsep istimewa kami untuk pelanggan adalah menyediakan produk Insurans kenderaan beserta dengan pembaharuan cukai jalan yang boleh di ambil di premis kami 
atau dihantar terus ke alamat yang ditetapkan oleh pelanggan,secara percuma.

Kami juga menyediakan Insurans Pihak Ketiga terhadap kenderaan yang berumur dari 
15 tahun keatas sehingga 35 tahun.Selain dari itu , pihak kami juga ada menyediakan khidmat pembaikan kenderaan dari bengkel panel terpilih bagi tuntutan kemalangan dan cermin kenderaan.

Third Party Insurance-For Car and Motorcycle (Up to 35 Years Old Car)

This poor man insurance as has been mocked around since the premium are 
rather 60% cheaper than comprehensive one. The word 'third party' itself refers 
to other party not to us. This insurance scheme has drafted not to cover the 
participant interest but to other party in case of collision or accident.

So we purchase this type of insurance not to cover our car but to cover damaged 
caused by us. But today, there is regulation by BNM that we must take up additional 
perils namely Fire & Theft. So if our car get burnt or stolen then we can recovered as 
per sum insured based on market value.

Below is what our agency offer in this particular insurance:-
1-Third Party , Fire & Theft
2-All Rider
3-up 35 Years Old Car
4-Above 15 Years Old 
5-Loan Free
6-Minimum Sum Insured RM10,000.00


How to Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium

We have come across with question that many of us didnt really know how to calculate
the insurance premium esspecially for Car Insurance.

Basic Coverage Premium Calculation
Coverage Type Comprehensive
Engine Capacity (C.C.)
Sum Insured (RM)
Basic Coverage Sub Total RM
No Claim Discount (NCD)
Basic Coverage Sub Total Less NCD RM
Additional Coverage
Windscreen (RM)
Radio/Accessories (RM)
Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
Legal Liability to Passenger
Legal Liability of Passengers
Additional Drivers
(excluding 1st driver)
Alternative Transportation Coverage
Additional Coverage Subtotal RM
Stamp Duty RM  10.00
Total Premium RM

Here we go..the very first step, get your previous insurance policy copy or your registration card in
hand.Fill up the engine capacity which stated in your document, then estimate your car value ( if you
not sure just deduct 10% from previous year sum insured).While the exact sum insured can be verified
by sms us at 012 525 1160.

Then fill up your NCD value. If previous are 25% then on next is 30%,then 38.33% then 45%
and the maximum are 55%. You may also can opt to insured your windscreen. Its not easy to
determine the market value for some car model but its between RM450.00 to RM4,500.00.
either local made or original manufactured. No idea at all..sms us for free advise.

That the basic computation for car insurance, we may opt to get more details premium calculator
but the basic is always the same.So now we know what will determine the amount of premium..
good luck

Buying New Car?? Can We Choose The Insurer

New Car & New Girl

Buying new car is fun..getting the key is exhilarating. Can we change the amount payable for its
insurance policy as stated in brochure. Yes we can..as been told in earlier post with transfered 
NCD. Can we choose to change the insurer, say to change it to Islamic one ( Takaful Insurer). 
We all know most car dealer is insured with LONPAC (Public bank group), Tokio Marine, 
Chartis or Berjaya Sompo(Berjaya Group)

Try to ask the car dealer..the answer is we must take up the insurance from them  for the 1st year as per demanded by the Finance Institution which approved our loan. They also will said the loan are included the insurance coverage. If we were them, we also say the same thing..why, because the additional commission for salesman are derived from insurance commission as well.

We should realize that Banker will release the full payment to the car dealer right after we receive the car key. So the insurance are purchased with our down payment. No such thing the insurance policy is included in the loan. 

So we as the customer have every right to choose the insurer so that every time we saw the Malaysian FORBES rich list...we all know in our heart that we did not contribute to their wealth from the insurance purchase....but maybe its just from a pack of cigarette or sweet from 7-Eleven.

Malaysian Forbes Richlist
5. Teh Hong Piow
$3.5 billion
77. Married, 4 children
Public Bank,Lonpac
14. Vincent Tan
$380 million
55. Married
Has run Berjaya, Berjaya Sompo, 7-Eleven

NCD-Tricks or Treats

NCD is shortform of No Claim Discount or some use NCB (No Claim Bonus). This scheme has drafted by PIAM to give us some sort of bonus/discount for premium paid but after its expiry date...no claim made& no accident happen.Its not in monetary but its will be applied on next renewal either with existing insurer or different insurer. Its will automatically detected in insurer system and managed by ISMNCD. NCD amount increasing every time we renew the policy and detailed as per below following:
Period      NCD Amount
0    year     -0% 
1st year     -25%
2nd year   -30%
3rd year   -38.33%
4th year   -45%
5th year n beyond  55%

Thats the tricks. The treat is we may transfer the NCD from car to another car.If we opt to sell old car and buy new one, we may use up the NCD but make sure the ownership is under same person not your spouse or parent.To get maximum NCD one shall plan to buy new car after the old car expiry date so we can use up max NCD available but its not the case if we have 55% NCD already.

But if we opt to buy new car and to retain the old car, what we should do is transfer the NCD from the old car to the new one and take up new insurance for the old car. here is the example:

Old Car
Kia Sorento 2.5T, Year 2003,NCD 55%,W/Screen 800,Sum Insured RM42,000.00

New Car
Kia Sorento 2.5T, Year 2011,NCD 0%,W/Screen 1,800,Sum Insured RM138,000.00
PREMIUM RM4,101.29

if we opt to transfer then,


Which mean we can save up to RM2,000.00. What about if our old car is Proton Tiara and our new car is AUDI Q7 or BMW X6 or RANGE ROVER 4.4... . well, its way a lot more excess we shall save. Rich man normally dont have much time to cancell,take up old NCD or other documentation..get your agent to do it for you.


Car Insurance-What We Don't Know

There is few aspects will determine how much premium payable namely:-

1) Type of Coverage-Comprehensive or Third party
2) Sum Insured
3) Manufactured year
4) Cubic capacity
5) NCD 

Additional perils
6)Windscreen-15% from its sum insured
7)Legal Liability to Passengers (25% of third party premium + RM 10.00 per additional passenger)
8)Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (0.3% of vehicle sum insured)
9)Radio Cassette (15% of radio cassette sum insured)
10)Additional Named Driver (RM 10 per additional driver - apart from first 2 drivers)

for comprehensive coverage we may opt to purchase or not to purchase perils from 6-7, while
not for 3rd party. The main contributor to the premium amount is the car sum insured itself which 
can be manipulated by insurer or agent.

Today, we don't have to worry about NCD which will automatically captured in the system if we
opt to change to different insurer.While as for windscreen coverage also, we sometimes have no idea how exactly the cost of our car windscreen.In the market, locally made (MSG),Thailand made or original from car manufactured are available. 

But most of us did not bother to think about it since the workshop will replace for us  but how many of us know that sometimes we have to add our own money to cover the windscreen claim or we already pay excess from premium since our windscreen relatively cheaper than we insured.

So,in order to get optimal premium, we must ensure the policy taken is based on our car/windscreen market value. But at the end of the day, we have to make sure we can reach our agent afterward for claims, advise and all.