Chapter One-Life Plan - Saving + Protection by Etiqa

This what we need

Have you all ever come across with this signage " INSURANCE AGENT IS NOT ALLOWED".
Those days, insurances agent regarded as nuisance and disturbance especially Life Agents.Many of us who had bought Life Insurances are familiar with the term 'LAPSE'. We have Great Eastern, Aetna Universal and many more, providing Death Benefit but somehow many of us paid for first few month or so but later discontinue due to many reasons.

While if we ask pakcik or makcik...owh its HARAM and all.

Forget those old days which we can assumed that all Life Plan seems benefiting the Insurance 
Companies due to lack of knowledge or maybe its was drafted such way towards that. These 
days relatively different, Life agents are welcomed and sometimes was invited to addressed
all loopholes and question. They are regarded as Financial Planner. They can plan your financial
needs even by selling insurance products. Many Life Plan these days are having saving and protection,all in one plan. In the market, we have Life Plan which can cover your life from day one. Its has coverage you kids education, your spouse/s or your interests in shared company. We don't know much about other insurer Life Plan but we about to share is the latest Life plan by Etiqa Takaful Berhad which one of Maybank Group subsidiaries..how big the Maybank Group is..

Maybank Group financials (FY ending 30 June 2010)

Total Assets = RM336.7 billion (USD105.9 billion)
Net Profit = RM3.82 billion (USD1.2 billion)

To be continued


Guffyadons said...

My life plan can be covered from the beginning of your life. Even if the sale of insurance products, they can plan for your financial needs.


Serasi link said...

With due respect, i think your Life Plan is great.
Etiqa is a wakalah base insurer which very traditional type. Thats mean, the cash value in your plan can be widraw but in other regards as policy loan..am i right. Compounding interest shall apply. BTW we pay TPD benefit lump sum and not staggered.The fee charged r flat till maturity..

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