Third Party Insurance-For Car and Motorcycle (Up to 35 Years Old Car)

This poor man insurance as has been mocked around since the premium are 
rather 60% cheaper than comprehensive one. The word 'third party' itself refers 
to other party not to us. This insurance scheme has drafted not to cover the 
participant interest but to other party in case of collision or accident.

So we purchase this type of insurance not to cover our car but to cover damaged 
caused by us. But today, there is regulation by BNM that we must take up additional 
perils namely Fire & Theft. So if our car get burnt or stolen then we can recovered as 
per sum insured based on market value.

Below is what our agency offer in this particular insurance:-
1-Third Party , Fire & Theft
2-All Rider
3-up 35 Years Old Car
4-Above 15 Years Old 
5-Loan Free
6-Minimum Sum Insured RM10,000.00


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