Car Insurance-What We Don't Know

There is few aspects will determine how much premium payable namely:-

1) Type of Coverage-Comprehensive or Third party
2) Sum Insured
3) Manufactured year
4) Cubic capacity
5) NCD 

Additional perils
6)Windscreen-15% from its sum insured
7)Legal Liability to Passengers (25% of third party premium + RM 10.00 per additional passenger)
8)Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (0.3% of vehicle sum insured)
9)Radio Cassette (15% of radio cassette sum insured)
10)Additional Named Driver (RM 10 per additional driver - apart from first 2 drivers)

for comprehensive coverage we may opt to purchase or not to purchase perils from 6-7, while
not for 3rd party. The main contributor to the premium amount is the car sum insured itself which 
can be manipulated by insurer or agent.

Today, we don't have to worry about NCD which will automatically captured in the system if we
opt to change to different insurer.While as for windscreen coverage also, we sometimes have no idea how exactly the cost of our car windscreen.In the market, locally made (MSG),Thailand made or original from car manufactured are available. 

But most of us did not bother to think about it since the workshop will replace for us  but how many of us know that sometimes we have to add our own money to cover the windscreen claim or we already pay excess from premium since our windscreen relatively cheaper than we insured.

So,in order to get optimal premium, we must ensure the policy taken is based on our car/windscreen market value. But at the end of the day, we have to make sure we can reach our agent afterward for claims, advise and all.


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