Claim Procedures- Auto Accident Claim

Getting into a road accident is unnerving, but you need to know what to do in case it happens. There are 3 main 
steps in making a road accident police report. Step 1 is when those involved in the accident come forward to 
make a police report. Step 2 involves police investigation and vehicle examination, and Step 3 is the preparation
 of investigation documents. Let us take you through it step by step:
Step 1
Each road accident must be reported to the police. Those involved will need to go to a police station and make 
a report, which will be written down on a piece of paper, either by you or the police officer on duty. You can also 
contact the police station by phone at the scene of the accident.

Information that will need to provide in your police report are:
• The date, time and location of the accident. Do note any major landmarks.
• The contact details and vehicle registration numbers of the parties involved, as well as the colours 
of the vehicles.
• Details of the vehicles, victims (if any) and any damage to the vehicles and public property.
• Your observations before, during and after the accident occurred. If you’re not certain, do not make 
Step 2
After the police report has been made, you will be referred to a traffic investigations officer. Preliminary 

investigations may include recorded interviews, identification of the scene of the accident, thorough 
examination of the vehicles involved and classification of the case. The latter will depend on testimonies, 
facts and data collected during the investigation. The classifications include:
• Refer to Insurance In accidents involving small vehicles that did not result in death or injury, and caused 
only minor damage to the vehicles involved, the investigating officer will declare that no further investigation 
is required and the vehicle owners can refer to their insurance companies and make civil claims.
• Further investigation 
For serious accident cases, detailed investigations will be conducted and an investigation file will be opened. 
After all the testimonies of those involved have been obtained, charges may be pressed against the guilty party
• Compound 
For traffic offences that can be compounded, a summons notice will be issued to the guilty party. Payment of the compound will need to be made at a Traffic Police counter via the Compound on Line Payment System (COPS).
• Court action
If the compound is not paid on time, the guilty party must appear in court on the date specified in the summons 
Step 3
A copy of the police report can be purchased at a rate determined by the authorities after 14 days from 

the date the report was made. For other documents such as photos and recorded interviews, it will depend 
on the status of the case. Any inquiries can be made to the district police, where the investigation is being 

Example of a road accident police report:

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