Claim Procedures-Windscreen Glass Breakage (Make Sure its Insured)

Type of Windshield/Windscreen Breakage
Dotted Breakage

Bull's Eyes 


Making an insurance claim may be a hassle for some people. We has come 
up with a simple guideline that could help you accelerate your claim process. 
Here's a simple to-do list that could guide you to pursue your insurance claim 
easily, minus the hassle:
AOwn Damage Claim
You can make an Own Damage claim towards loss / damages 
sustained to your vehicle on your own policy, if your vehicle is 
protected by a comprehensive motor insurance policy.
Report to the police within 24 hours as required by Law.
Send your vehicle to an authorized workshop for immediate attention. 
Check with your insurance company on the list of panel authorized 
Collect the claim form from your insurance company, complete 
and sign accordingly, and submit together with copy of the following 
documents within 14 days.
Original police report
2.Repairer's estimated cost of repairs
3.Copies of:
-Insurance Policy / Cover note
-Vehicle registration card
-Road tax disc
-Identity card and driving license of the vehicle owner
-Identity card and driving license of the driver
-Hire purchase agreement (if applicable)
You are encouraged to provide your hand phone number 
during claims notification, as you will receive SMS notifications 
informing you the status of your Own Damage claim instantly.
Your NCD will be forfeited when you make an Own Damage claim.
 No-Fault Own Damage Claim
No-Fault Own Damage claim is similar to an Own Damage claim with 
exception that your NCD will not be forfeited. Introduced by Persatuan 
Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) effective June 2001 in order to expedite 
the claim process, this claim is applicable only when the accident is 
deemed not your fault. This is determined by the circumstances of the 
accident and through the police investigation report 
(ie Police compound/findings, sketch plan and key) to support the claim. 
The claim is made only with regards to damages to your vehicle 
excluding compensations such as loss of use.
 Follow the procedure as outlined in "Own Damage Claim".
In addition to the documents to be submitted with your claim form,
 please enclose the following documents :

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