Q & A : What Makes Etiqa Life Insurance are SO DIFFERENT From Others .

Q : What makes Etiqa life plan are different from others.
A : We are a traditional wakalah type operator. Our wakalah rates are flat and remain the same
throughout maturity date while other are not. So our cost of insurance are lower than others.

Q : Is there any charges for widrawal from cash value.
A : No, its free of charge while Life Plan with other insurers called as Policy Loan which
incur compounding rate as much as 7%. This the hidden cost which many don't know.

Q : Why annual and lifetime limit of Hospitalisation in most Life Plan from Etiqa are lower
compared to others.
A : In Plan 1, annual limit are RM100,000.00 and life time limit are RM300,000.00. By
comparison, ours are lower. Some insurers can cover you up to RM1,500,000.00 as per
lifetime limit.But have we ever thought that our body doesn't need repair that much.
In our opinion our Plan 5 which with annual limit of RM50,000.00 and lifetime's limit
is RM150,000.00 are sufficient for us.

Q : Any other aspect than makes Etiqa so different from others.
A : As we all know, Etiqa is wholly owned by Maybank. In all Life Plan with saving,the
portion allocated to PIF (Participant Risk Fund )will be invested and we may expect
a good return if it under Maybank. While in case of participant deemed as total
permanent disability, we pay in full all benefit entitled, while other shall pay staggered.
Etiqa also adopted humanizing concept which less hassle in documentation in buying
insurance and also while claims.We will update all of you any other aspect that makes us so
different especially in Life Insurance.