Chapter Three-Life Plan - Saving + Protection by Etiqa we all know, there is so many Life insurance in the market today. We might get confused as
well. The standard and recommended Life  insurance coverage which cover Death and Total Permanent Disability should also comes with Hospitalisation benefit

To get admitted with ease and having welcomed like VIP, we need an medical card attached to our Life
Insurance. We may also been persuade to have additional coverage such as Accidental Indemnity,Critical illness, Hospital cash benefit and other extra benefit or in insurance term its called Rider.

In Malaysia, We has so many Insurances Companies which comes with so many health and life plan.
No idea which one is the ideal for us , then here is some idea to share with. What is the best
abovementioned, its Life Insurance Coverage with Medical Card right? and its shall have saving and protection plan as well..agree. Thought so,

Have you ever come across with a Life Insurance agent from any insurance company. Are their product is the best in the market today , no idea..What about Etiqa which recently had launched Harmoni Plan which combined saving and protection and attached with Medical card. Its allocated 82% from total premium to a special fund which will be invested. Other insurer might have the similar Life insurance package ,its just maybe the proportion slightly be more or less.

Then, what makes us hidden cost,no delay while claim, less documentation,hassle free or no
this no that. Yes, it one of the reason. But as we know, Etiqa is one of Maybank Group subsidiaries.
Maybank Group is too big to compared with others. Rest assures, that we can get more profit sharing from the fund invested out of 82% derived from our premium. Look at the below table and that's what makes us better than other insurers in term of profit sharing or in other term as well.

 Kadar Keuntungan Pelaburan Kasar tahunan semasa dari DPP:        
 Tahun Kewangan   Kadar
 1 Jul 2009 hingga 30 Jun 2010 5.40%
 1 Jul 2008 hingga 30 Jun 2009 5.30%
 1 Jul 2007 hingga 30 Jun 2008 6.50%    


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